The Continuous Search for New Medicine

With so-called “big science” projects occurring left and right, recently including the LIGO discovery of gravitational waves and the colossal Human Genome Project, chemistry is one scientific field with tremendous potential, but minimal funding. Chemist Martin Burke has proposed a potentially tremendous project for chemistry; to chemically synthesize most of the nearly 300,000 known natural […]

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The Potential for Computers in Medicine

Medicine is clearly behind in the utilization of the recent technological innovation around the world. Many doctors are resistant to the integration of artificial intelligence into the medical field, possible for the creeping fear that computers will eventually replace them in their respective fields. Despite this, the possibility for computers to progress the field is […]

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“Black Hole Blues”

Everyone has heard of black holes before. For many years, most scientists have inferred the existence of super-massive black holes because of the effects they have on the matter around them. However, there exists no visual proof of their presence. Black holes soak up all light before it has any chance to reflect to Earth. […]

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New Anti-Aging Molecule Discovered

Humans beings were not initially built to live long past the age of fifty years old. Therefore, later in life, humans often have various health problems, including heart failure and cancer. However, another dent in the ever-raging battle against old age was made recently by a team of researchers in the Netherlands.  When somatic, or […]

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More on Frank A. Felder

Energy has been a hot topic in politics in the United States and around the world in recent years, and for good reason. Many current forms of energy cultivation, such as coal, are dirty and release massive amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. To complicate matters, the current federal administration ran on promoting a […]

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