Frank A. Felder’s Work on Energy

At some point in the next week or two, I will be interviewing a published scientist in the nearby area. Ideally, I would like this person to be Frank A. Felder, current director of the Center for Energy, Economic, and Environmental Policy here at Rutgers New Brunswick. A full CV for Mr. Felder is linked here for any interested.

Felder’s educational history is certainly impressive. After obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in applied mathematics from Columbia University in 1987, he went on to get his Masters and pH.D. in Technology and Policy at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Realistically, I understand that obtaining an interview with a scientist of Felder’s elevated prestige will be difficult. However, his rich body of research stood out too much to ignore. As listed in his extensive CV, he has played a part in a multitude of peer-reviewed publications, as well as conference presentations.

Frank A. Felder

In his research, Felder has consistently focused on modern energy issues, and has advocated for more environmentally friendly methods of energy. In one of his peer-reviewed articles, Felder and others even create a model to minimize the cost and efficiency of future energy generation with regard to expected climate change. The integration of renewable energy into the massive existing structure is important to Felder and many others in his field.

Felder also has a strong grasp on current energy policy, and therefore how the government tends to look at novel energy ideas. This is crucial, because it means he can distinguish between plausible ideas and pipe dreams. With such a well-rounded background and understanding of the current energy problems facing the world, I think Mr. Felder would make for a very interesting interview.


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